17 August 2017

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The Complete Guide of What To Look For In A Hotel In Karachi

Have you ever planned a business trip or a family vacay and ended up in a hotel that was not what you expected when you booked it online? It’s a bitter truth – choosing the wrong hotel can spoil your staycation

The future is bright and full of innovative technology and new travel methods. Trends come and go, but when you are looking for a great hotel, there are some attributes you cannot simply overlook.

In this guide, we will discuss the characteristics that make good hotels great. From cleanliness and comfort to hotel services, and amenities. Even the most beautiful luxuries and modern technologies could not make up for the lack of these core features of a great hotel

Location of the Hotel

Great hotels are always located in convenient places. Specifically, near airports, Shahrah-e-Faisal in Karachi, to make things smooth and convenient for its guests. Moreover, they offer you the convenience to travel, shop around, and enjoy the nearest attractions.

Simple Booking

Whether you book a hotel on the phone, online, or through a travel agent, it should be a simple process. Consequently, Hotel Galaxy issues a simple booking form to make this process easier for the guests.

The receptionist or attendant should be knowledgeable enough to help you with your queries. Furthermore, special requests or changes to your initial booking, or anything else can be a red flag.

A genuinely hospitable and friendly staff is a mark of a great hotel.

Genuinely Hospitable & Helpful Staff

Great hotels hire staff with intuitive qualities: kind, empathetic, and observant. It includes the people who quietly make guests feel comfortable and special. The best way good employees can accomplish this feat is by knowing enough about the hotel and the town you’re in. So, they don’t have to hand you off to someone else.

Besides, the staff that is passionate about serving people will take pleasure in the job itself.

Since the guests may forget a comfortable stay with Netflix and a cosy bed. But they will always remember a valet or hotel staff going out of their way to make them feel valued during their stay.


Great hotels know that the key to success is being customer-driven and meeting your guest’s needs and expectations. Acknowledging guests upon arrival, welcoming them warmly, and calling them by name are the secrets of excellence in great customer service.

Comfortable Rooms

What’s a good hotel without a comfortable room? After all, guests spend a large percentage of their overall stay in their hotel rooms. Hence, the hotel rooms are worth all the attention while booking. A typical standard room should contain a super plush bed with crisp white linen sheets that feel comfortable and local but also special. It should be ultra-cosy and functional. Items such as flat screen TV, hairdryer, and refrigerator should also be present to allow maximum comfort.

Fresh and Clean Environment

First impressions are everything. So, make sure the hotel you choose meets its commitment to cleanliness. Great hotels understand that a clean and tidy environment is the key. The cleanliness should extend from the bedrooms, even into the bathrooms. In addition, the cleaning staff should be presentable and clean.

When staying in a hotel, cleanliness is generally the top concern. And great hotels squash this fear of untidiness before they even enter the minds of their guests. Whether a hotel is brimming with the latest interior or sporting furniture – if it is orderly, clean, and aesthetically appealing. It will keep buzzing with the guests.

Free Internet Access

The Internet has significant importance in our lives today. And the hospitality industry must not be out of this revolutionary facility. Good hotels offer their guests free internet access to ensure they stay connected to the digital world. For instance, some guests might have virtual meetings or conferences to attend during their stay. The seamless access to the internet would, therefore, make such meetings go smoothly. Plus, helps you stay connected with the people back there.

24-Hours Fitness Center

The facility should include a range of basic fitness equipment:

  • Treadmill
  • Stationary bike
  • Floor mats
  • Free weights

The hotel gym would enhance your hotel experience. Plus, it helps you truly relax and reboot.

Adequate Security

Another stand-out characteristic you should be looking for is adequate safety and security. Good hotels specialize in providing safety measures for women, children, and the elderly.

And the basic services

  • Loading and unloading luggage
  • Laundry
  • Room service

Wrap Up

Regardless of how good a hotel is, hotels are the best places you can visit for your business trips and family stay. Since they are always at your service to give you the best experience throughout your stay. Visit Hotel Galaxy to meet all your requirements of affordability and a well-designed hotel.

Hotel Galaxy has an overall vibe with luxuries and modern technologies to make the guests feel at home. Stay with us, and you’d be glad you did!

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