21 July 2022

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7 Easy Ways to Make Your Hotel Room Feel Like Home

Travelling can be an enlightening and exciting experience. Though there is joy and excitement when checking into a hotel. But sometimes when you come back from a long day of working or sightseeing, your hotel room might not feel like home. Even if you are staying in an elegant suite with all the facilities you could ask for, staying in one place for a couple of days is not easy for everyone. So it is crucial to make it feel like home. Especially for your peace of mind.

Here is a list of 7 simple steps that can help you transform your hotel room into a personalized cosy haven.

Keep a Clean Room

Maybe mama was right to insist on making your bed in the morning. Since a clean space creates a clean mind. Besides, who doesn’t like waking up in a clutter-free room?

When you arrive at your destination, hang your clothes or put them away in a drawer. Layout your toiletries and tuck away the items you don’t need. Such as your snack bar items or suitcase.

When you wake up, make your bed first thing in the morning and throw all the trash in the bin. Though you can enjoy room cleaning service in a few hours, it feels good to set that clean tone for yourself. Hence, it is a sure-fire to make your hotel room feel like home.

Bring Your Blanket

When traveling, you can create your environment by making a few efforts. It makes your hotel room feel like a home away from home.

Many hotel rooms have neutral-colored furniture and bedspreads, which may not suit your taste or liking. Make this place personal by bringing along your blanket. So, at least when you rest after a long day you can enjoy the familiar warmth.

Rearrange & Decorate Your Place

Your room might not be arranged in a way you like. But you can always create a better layout, by rearranging chairs or small desks in the room. While you are at it, spare a moment to scan the room for any non-homey materials like flyers, brochures, or cups. Putting these things away will make the room feel less like a borrowed space.

Now that these items are gone, light a candle or decorate the space to make it more personalized. You can also place your family picture frame on the nightstand by the bed. However, there is a great feeling of comfort with the familiarity and warmth it can provide.

Have A Taste Of Home:

The best trick is to pack your favourite snacks or tea wherever you go. In this way, you are not leaving yourself at the mercy of whatever will be available on the road.

Whenever you plan to travel, carry your favourite items along. This is because you may not find your favourite snacks in this new place. Besides ritual “foods” that remind you of home sweet home can give you a great sense of comfort.

Maybe you have a favourite tea, nighttime snacks, breakfast bars, or cookies you can’t live without. To keep your inner self at peace, it is nice to have a taste of home. I know some people bring their favourite mugs as well!

Stream Your Favourite Shows:

Rather than get stuck with lonely and long nights. Bring along your collection of movies or a few episodes of your favourite shows. It is the best therapy if you can’t fall asleep in this new place. So stream your favourite shows just like you would any other sleepless Thursday night, right?

Bring Travel-size Of Everything:

Carry your comforts at home along with you for the vacation. It is best to bring a travel size of everything you use daily from deodorant and skincare to toiletries.

Here is the list of things to do to make your next stay at a hotel more like home:

  • Make a checklist of essentials you use daily. When you are packing for your next trip check items off your list so you don’t forget anything important.
  • Reuse and refill product containers that you are already using at home.
  • Don’t worry if your favourite brands don’t come in travel sizes. You can buy smaller 3-4oz containers to use instead.
  • Most importantly, after returning from your traveling spree, refill your toiletry bag. It will prepare you beforehand for the next trip.

Pack Your Comfy Lounge-wear:

It doesn’t have to be branded or new. Just make sure to pack something that makes you feel comfortable and ultra-cozy. Something like your favourite tees, oversized sweatshirt, or super soft pyjamas

Do you travel long-term? What hacks do you use to make a hotel feel more like home?

Hopefully, these tips will help you to make any hotel room feel like home. Now all you need to do is find the perfect place – book your stay now at Hotel Galaxy!

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