01 November 2022

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Best Places to Visit In Karachi

Marked as the top trending affairs, Karachi wakes up at nights with its shining and shimmering lights that even sparkles the skies. This business hub facilitates with everything to its living Karachiites and always welcomes every individual who has just made a sudden arrival by giving all the necessities – counting down the numbers to the best places to visit in Karachi to enjoy demanded luxury hotels, lively concerts, special carnivals, productive business festivals, and global literary fairs.

Karachi’s prehistoric society used to sing the songs of traditional fishermen who were beside the turbulent sea living up their simplest lives on sea foods, but now it roars on the extreme urban economy graph of Pakistan with grand seaports and 24/7 working stations which portal to every need that an individual requires. This blog discusses the best places to visit in Pakistan categorizing the top fives amongst them. But since you are the traveler, you will need a place to stay; if a tourist, you will require a place to rest, get back the strength and return to explore the best places to visit in Karachi. And for that, Hotel Galaxy Karachi stands tall covering all of your requirements at a competitive budget – feel the ecstasy of the Karachi city and live a luxurious life. Adding the exclusive advantages of being closer to the airport and easy to access all the necessities and requirements specially for the tourists whose feet have just met in contact with the glorious land of Karachi.

List of Places to Visit in Karachi

  1. Charna Island
  2. Port Grand
  3. Mazar-E-Quaid
  4. Turtle Beach
  5. Frere Hall

5 Best Places to Visit in Karachi

1.Charna Island

This multilingual and multicultural city never fails to surprise the tourists especially who are keenly in quest for the best places to visit in Karachi with family. This island which is closer to the Mubarak Goth, Kimari Town in Karachi mesmerizes you with deep blue sea that is said to strengthen your courage and power. Named as Charna Island – this uninhabited paradise is specified amongst the Karachi best places to visit, and highly recommendable due to its adventurous spots and other recreational activities that can only be cherished there.

Daily, the island plays host to thousands of tourists in search of adventurous activities and creativity. Activities like scuba diving, freediving, underwater photography, hiking, speed boating, knee boarding, wake surfing, banana tubing, jet skiing, cliff diving, and snorkeling are popular draws. If you are found of seas and want to enjoy a real good bluish water with golden sand – Charna becomes your top priority. And once, you have enjoyed the heavenly pleasures, Hotel galaxy broadens its arms to give you a sound sleep with all the comfy drinks and cuisine that you could ever ask for.


The name tells a whole new story – a grand port that lives fulfilling all the expectations you could have ever desired. Keeping the excessive varieties, this grand port facilitates you from the eve light lunch specifications to giant menus of multiple sea foods and extensive range of dessert choices. This Port Grand expresses the mini-Karachi filled with the multicultures arrived from diverse regions. And just like Karachi wakes up at night – the carnivals get hotter and more alive with the nights covering up the eve at Port Grand. The party here starts diminishing when the first ray of the sun begins to tickle the faces of lively people.

Once the part ends, the only thing you would crave for is to find a place to rest. And it would feel heavenly if somebody informs you a place that is not so far and even facilitates you with all the Wi-Fi and other necessities that would get you share all the beautiful captures on your social medias. Keeping that in mind, Hotel Galaxy Karachi allows you to enjoy all of the mentioned services that is tailored according to your needs with even custom and cost competitive budgets.


Muhammad Ali Jinnah has always loved the Karachi. He was born in Karachi and even buried here. Known as the most dynamic leader of the Muslim history, the founder of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah is now resting in the land of Karachi – the city that will forget its leader. Mazar-e-Quaid – one of the best tourist places in Karachi, is known amongst the top-rated, affordable and fun family vacation spots and people usually visit here to pay respects to their national heroes who have provided them a free air to breath the rich fragrance of freedom.

Walking through the whole Mazar-e-Quaid will obviously make you tired and you will just want to shower out your stress and fall in the beautiful dreams over the comfy bed. Hotel galaxy Karachi understands your feelings and provides you with a private room designed to be favorable in all the circumstances. If you are a tourist, and you have just got tired, get your ride stopped by the door of Hotel Galaxy Karachi and you will have an extremely unforgettable experience.


If it has been relatively a tired day and you want you expel the stress and frustration – let me tell you that seas have always been a good choice to do the magic. Turtle Beach is one of those golden sandy beaches and is categorized amongst the best places to visit in Karachi. Either you are planning to jet-skiing with your friends or family, you should give a chance to Turtle Beach because this beach keeps the power to exceed your pleasures.

Once the whole day’s stress is wiped out, you will need a place to rest and snatch forty winks. Keeping your specifications in mind, Hotel Galaxy Karachi is set to provide you a comfort night with an extremely appealing designed room that gives the warmth of ecstasy and luxuriousness.


Like I have written above, Karachi is not just a city, it is a place built with numerous cultures and religious concepts. One of the best places to visit in Karachi, this Frere Hall is an example of exquisite building engineered by the British which is why it echoes the supremacy of British Colonialism. One of the oldest civilizations which is now used as an exhibition place for several literatures and library. If you are one of those who have tequila taste in Middle Era of British Empire, this place can satisfy your wanders.

Staying at arm’s length, Hotel Galaxy Karachi exceeds your chances to pay a visit to this extraordinarily place where people sell books at throwaway costings. You can easily move there and come back to read your favorite genre novel in the bed or artistically designed luxury swimming pools and spas.  At Hotel Galaxy Karachi, we provide services of Exclusive Suites and Luxury Rooms at extraordinarily cost competitive budget.

Famous Places To Visit In Karachi

There are more of amazing places that you would love to drop down and understand why Karachi is known worldwide and why in the world trends here never falls down the graph. Multiple Hotels are there to hold you up and welcome you on their grand door – and Hotel Galaxy Karachi is counted as the best Hotel in Karachi which is excessively known for its friendliness in cost budget. Most demanded and highly recommended for the travelers and tourists. This Hotel is designed to celebrate a small gathering and even a business meeting place that is perfect in its own. Furthermore, its location takes it to the top of the rivalry as it is closer to the airport and thus, easily accessible and friendly to the tourists who have been new to this city.

You would never want to leave if you have had all the tastes of all the carnivals and fun spots in Karachi. Those famous places of Karachi’s memory will be everlasting, and the experience you will have in its hotels will be always memorable.

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